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Delivering exceptional quality, on time, for a fair price. 

Midwest CNC has been selling experience and customer service for over a year to Titan Robotics. The incredible parts are an added bonus! We are excited to be growing alongside the team in Sparta!
— Clay Guillory | Titan Robotics | Colorado Springs, CO

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Taking care of the client is job one. Experience, and commitment to the customer means the right questions get asked and the job is done right the first time. 

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Clients Love Midwest CNC

How do you know if your customers love you? They come back again and again. That is the trend here at Midwest CNC. Experience for yourself unsurpassed quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. You're sure to become a long-term client.


Honesty & Integrity

Our straight forward approach to customer service means you will always know exactly what you are getting, and when you will get it. Midwest CNC is here for you for the long-haul and every long-term partnership requires trust. 

High Volume CNC Parts

Large Volume / On time Delivery

Our successful delivery of large quantities of high quality parts makes us the go-to shop for well established and trusted businesses. Big or small call today for a free assessment and quote on your next job. You'll be glad you did.   

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Excellence In Everything

When you love what you do it shows. Every job is completed with pride and excellence. The end result is beautiful, high quality parts delivered on time. Midwest CNC is committed to building and keeping a reputation for excellence.

Small Town Proud & American Made 


Located just outside of Springfield, MO in the small town of Sparta, Midwest CNC works hard to deliver quality to every client.